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The April Texas Petro Index (TPI) Report was recently released, and it was good news for the Texas oil industry. According to an economist who analyzed the report, the TPI in April was 164.3, which he said was up by 2 percent from April in 2016. This is after several months of consistent positive movement. For example, February’s TPI was 4.6 higher than January and nearly 10 higher than November

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We won’t bury the lede. The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Vista Sand is a frac sand producer headquartered in Granbury, Texas. It is known for its Texas Premium White™ frac sand, which possesses the highest crush strength in Texas. It held ten percent of the entire frac sand market in 2016, 25 percent of the 100M market, and its frac sand is a cost-effective alternative for